Grelton Cemetery
Henry County, Ohio

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M-395 County Rd. 7
P.O. Box 17
Grelton, OH 43523



Our History


The Grelton Cemetery was established in 1893 from the donation of a five acre family cemetery plot by the Noah Jackson family. The original five acres has grown to 40 acres including a woods with a walking path. At the South entrance drive is a Flagpole memorial area honoring our local veterans and Ed Nichols, a benefactor of the cemtery.

Ed joined the Spanish American War when he was 15 years old. Upon learning his age, the Army discharged him from the service and he spent his career as a roustabout in the oil fields in Louisiana. Ed returned to the Grelton area and left his estate to the care and upkeep of the Grelton Cemetery.

The cemetery is incorporated and has an elected seven member board that meets on the first Tuesday of the month. An annual meeting, which is open to all lot owners, is held on the second Tuesday of March.